The “Chambre de Parteneriat Euro-Afrique de Belgique” (CPEAB) is a structure of private stakeholders and of local people. It ensures the partnership and the development of economic relations between EUROPE and Africa.

Its objective is to bring its commercial, legal, fiscal, social and financial skills at the Service of the development of the countries of Africa and thus becoming "your partner in everyday life."

Its vocation is to provide an organized structure of networks and of cells of intervention required for the negotiation on this continent, thus allowing the creation of a bridge between European SME-SMI’s  and the local ones.

European SME – SMI’s are partners in the areas of the primary sector as well as in those in the secondary and tertiary sectors in all their diverse aspects of their activities.

As an example, we can send training in the areas of health, starting from nursing assistance to the specialized surgeon.

We have the same competence in education that can create primary schools in small villages as well as preparing students for an MBA degree in major cities.

As partners in NEPAD, we can mount projects in BOT, funding projects though some local Bank Guarantees that we confirm by premium Banks (this being valid only for Government projects), engineering financing with investors from the Golf Regions, from Europe as well as from the American continent.

Our mission

We took it on ourselves to make European companies change their view of Africa. They must become aware of her immense diversity, of her immense potentialities, of the available opportunities, to be ready to contribute to her development through partnerships and collaborations in the long term:

- Private investments,
- Technology transfer,
- Education,
- Health,
- Advise in management and strategic planning,
- Financial coaching,
- Identification and targeting of the problems,
- Formulation of strategic planning and deployment for the resolution of challenging situations,

The effectiveness of our mission is guaranteed by the fact that we are at the same time working in compliance with not only the rules of aid granting foreign States, but also within the agreements with local institutions (Governments, trade unions, chambers of commerce, financial institutions and international organizations).

Our strength is to have a very dense relational portfolio, with both large companies and SMEs - SMIs and play a role of facilitator between different members of our structure.

Domains of activities
- Engineering consulting firm
- Development planning
- Technical expertise
- Technology transfer
- Strategy
- Multinational team

- Collection set of diverse financial instruments
- Creation of project driven financial strategy
- Optimum strategic financial planning for complex
financial operations
- Pole of financing

- House
- Residence
- Social house
- Social land parceling
- Country planningm
- Creation of parcels
- Hotel Apartment
- Hotel complex
- Industrial buildings
- University Housing
- University
- School and campus
- Barracks
- Hospitals
- Redevelopment
- University Housing
- Medical equipment

- Water treatment
- Desalinator
- Waste treatments
- Petroleum industry
- Harbour Redevelopment
- Airport
- Railroads
- Civil Engineering
- Transportation
- Public Works
- Underground parking
- Open air parking lot
- Bridge
- Stadium
- Congress Building
- Hydraulic Dam

- Thermal power plant
- Hydroelectric power plant
- Wind turbine
- Wave Energy
- Photovoltaic and storage of energy
- Sun light tree
- Transportable energy
- Solar lamppost

Our missions
For more information on our coming missions

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